Native Americans Receive Dental Work

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For about the last five years Native Americans on a reservation in Nebraska have received free dental care. That’s because a team of six dentists, three assistants, and two lab technicians go there once a year.

They provide a long list of services, including free dentures.

Since the tribe is not as wealthy as others, the visit enables the people to receive dental work they would not otherwise be able to afford.

Unfortunately for the people, there is not enough time or dentists for everyone to get the work they may need.

The annual visit started thanks to Sreenivas Koka. Koka, who is a Mayo Clinic prosthodontist, heard about the tribe’s need for dental work after his wife met a man who needed dentures. The man happened to be part of the tribe, so Koka though it would be a good thing to do. After treating one person, he wanted to do more.

That’s why this has become an annual trip.

After hearing about the good work of this dental team, the American College of Prosthodontics now donates money for gas. Some dental companies also provide the team with the supplies it needs to give the tribe the best care possible.

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