Mobile Units Enable More People to Receive Dental Work

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Dental work will now be offered to more people in the Portsmouth, N.H. area.

That’s because 2 mobile dental units just opened, including an operating room. They are opening because of National Health Center Week, and are available to anyone who’s a patient with Families First. To signify the occasion, there was a floss-cutting ceremony.

The project was funded by Families First, thanks to the money the group received from federal stimulus dollars. Families First offers care to the homeless, which is why the mobile dental units are so important.

One of the mobile units has an x-ray unit and a cleaning machine.

These services will be affordable for all people. One of the largest needs for Families First patients is dental care, so the units will be vital.

Before the units were created, many Families First patients couldn’t receive any significant dental work.

The center serves about 2,000 individuals and about 25% are homeless. Now, approximately 500 patients can be added.

Families First is the community health center for Seacoast, N.H. It affords all people the ability to receive health services, no matter how much they can or cannot pay.

The unit will officially begin service on Aug. 26.

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