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Endodontic Rotary System

NEW! DentistryToday.com now offers this quick and informative area with
video techniques from some of the top clinicians in dentistry.

In this video on the Dentistry Today homepage, learn about TF Adaptive, an advanced endodontic rotary sys­tem from Axis|Sy­bronEndo. Viewers will get tips on how to safely, accurately, and efficiently clean and shape root canals. The adaptive motion technology puts the clinician in control as it changes the motion of the file based on the applied load.



Adaptive Motion Technology is based on a patented, smart algorithm designed to work with the TF Adaptive file system. This technology allows the TF Adaptive file to adjust to intra-canal torsional forces depending on the amount of pressure placed on the file. This means the file is in either a rotary or reciprocation motion depending on the situation. The result is exceptional debris removal with our classic rotary Twisted File design and less chance of file pull-in with our Adaptive Motion Technology. Now that’s rotary when you want it and reciprocation when you need it..


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