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Utilizing Lasers to Sculpt and Shape a Smile

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This featured Technique of the Week is led by Hugh Flax, DDS, who demonstrates how to sculpt and shape a smile using lasers. Dr. Flax discusses the benefits of lasers, namely that they provide artistic control for the dentist to create ideal flow and aesthetics for the patient. The video shows Dr. Flax sculpting the gums as he explains that learning to use a laser is similar to learning to use a handpiece; there is a learning curve, but any clinician can easily adapt to this technology.


Hugh Flax, DDS

Dr. Hugh Flax, an internationally known and accredited cosmetic dentist in Atlanta, simply loves cosmetic dentistry. Since graduating with honors from Emory University Dental School in 1983, achieving perfection has been his main purpose in life. He has continually attended and participated in the industry's best continuing education courses—over 100 hours a year, and he now teaches them himself. Dr. Flax built his Atlanta Cosmetic Dentistry Spa practice in 1987 with perfection in mind, bringing together health, function and natural beauty under one roof. His award-winning smiles have transformed the lives of his patients, and even turned some of them into cover models.

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