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Restorative Procedure

NEW! DentistryToday.com now offers this quick and informative area with
video techniques from some of the top clinicians in dentistry.

Michael Miyasaki, DDS, a practicing clinician in Sacramento, Calif, presenting his latest restorative and prep technique case. Dr. Miyasaki captures a true in-office restorative procedure with an evolution of restorations on a male patient in his late 20s. The doctor's narrative, slides, and high-definition video illustrate a detailed procedure in prep, creating marginal integrity, using cement, composite, and final cure.


Michael Miyasaki, DDS

Dr. Miyasaki graduated from the University of Southern California with his degree in dentistry in 1987 and for more than 20 years has taught dentists throughout the United States, Canada, and Australia, sharing unique insights of dentistry based on sound principles and ethics. Dr. Miyasaki maintains a private dental practice in Las Vegas, Nev, concentrating on comprehensive treatment to create both enduring and aesthetic results for his clients. This is based on his experience over the past 20 years working with his patients, his drive to personally seek out education himself, and then teaching others.

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