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Extra-and Intraoral Examinations

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Lee Ann Brady, DMD, vice president of clinical education at the Spear Institute and former clinical director of the Pankey Institute, demonstrates the importance of muscle and joint exams on a dental patient. Dr. Brady covers extra- and intra­oral exams on the patient for accuracy and a full evaluation. She provides a comprehensive view before performing a procedure. History, recent trauma, and alignment of muscle and teeth structure are taken into account.


Lee Ann Brady, DMD

Dr. Brady earned her DMD degree from the University of Florida College of Dentistry. Currently, Dr. Brady is the executive vice president of clinical education at Spear Education. In addition to her teaching responsibilities, she maintains a part-time private practice. Dr. Brady maintained a private restorative practice for 17 years before leaving to devote her time to teaching. She was a full-time faculty member at the Pankey Institute and held the position of clinical director. She also taught part-time at the Santa Fe Community College Dental Hygiene Program while she was in private practice.

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