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Posterior Resin Restorations

NEW! DentistryToday.com now offers this quick and informative area with
video techniques from some of the top clinicians in dentistry.

Charlotte, NC-based Ross W. Nash, DDS, delivers an informative video of this posterior resin restorations case study from his operatory. The course, shot and rendered by HDiq.com, allows the dentist to observe the technique of removing infected amalgam restorations and restoring the areas in a minimally invasive environment. Patient comfort and post-case overview are covered as well. In this 4-part series, Dr. Nash also uses some of the most technologically advanced materials available.

Ross W. Nash, DDS

Dr. Nash earned his undergraduate degree from North Carolina State University (Raleigh) in Textile Engineering in 1970. He worked as an engineer before entering dentistry school, and graduated with a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in 1978 from the University of North Carolina School of Dentistry (Chapel Hill).
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