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A Conservative Aesthetic Case

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In this video, Dr. Michael Miyasaki of Las Vegas reviews a conservative aesthetic case, studying the gumline and whitening needs of a young patient. Dr. Miyasaki recommends using a lab-fabricated, putty stent for this procedure. Once material is applied, the stent is fitted tightly to the top of the overbite. After just 2.5 minutes, the stent is removed, exposing the thin overlay and a recommendation is made for further treatment.


Michael Miyasaki, DDS

Dr. Michael Miyasaki is vice president of professional relations and advanced education for Discus Dental. He oversees global clinical affairs for the company's regions, including North America; direct sales in Europe and Australia and international dealer channel. Dr. Miyasaki graduated from the University of Southern California Dental School in 1987 and has practiced for many years in Las Vegas, where he focused on comprehensive dentistry and TMD treatment. He has utilized conservative treatments such as orthodontics and minimal-prep restorations. Dr. Miyasaki lectures and publishes internationally and was formerly Vice President of International Operations for LVI Global. Read More

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