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Restorative Approach to a Clinical Application

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In this video, Steven Poss, DDS, of Brentwood, Tenn, reviews a restorative approach to a clinical application. Dr. Poss recommends looking closely at the anterior anatomy of the teeth relating to gingiva, opaque body, incisal transluceny, and incisal halo in a clinical case study. Before proceeding with a patient treatment plan, he illustrates the need to assess these specific areas of interest.



Steven Poss, DDS

Dr. Poss graduated from David Lipscomb University and attended the University of Tennessee Dental School. Dr. Poss continued his post graduate training at Baylor University and then at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies.

Dr. Poss has directed numerous live patient continuums at various teaching institutes including the Clinical Director of both the Anterior and Posterior continuums at the Las Vegas Institute from 1997-2004. Dr. Poss is currently the Clinical Director at The Center for Exceptional Practices in Cleveland, Ohio. He is also on the editorial team of the Reality publishing.

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