18th Annual Midwinter Product Showcase

The Midwinter Product Showcase highlights products that will be featured at the Chicago Dental Society's 148th Midwinter Meeting. If you can't make it to the show, it's not a problem. Dentistry Today will be conducting a blog during the Midwinter Meeting. Starting Thursday, February 21 and going through Saturday, February 23.
To stay up to date on the happenings, visit dentistrytoday.com/live-blog.

CARBIDE BURS - Dental Savings Club

KUT burs and carbides are manufactured with the best stainless steel shank and tungsten available on the international market, overcoming the ISO standards required for rotative instruments. They are very efficient in tooth preparation, cut very rapidly, and continue to do so for multiple tooth preparations. (ISO-exceeding stainless steel shafts maintain concentricity and accuracy.) For more information, call (888) 768-1230 or visit the Web site dentalsavingsclub.com.



New PermaCem2.0 provides an exceptional self-adhesive bond to zirconium. This universal, dual-cure composite luting cement can be used for the permanent cementation of crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and root posts without the need for separate enamel and dentin bonding. It is exceptionally flowable under pressure, and excess can be easily removed. For more information, call (800) 662-6383 or visit dmg-america.com.



D-Lux is a new, advanced, cordless LED curing light with a high-intensity output of 1,600 mW/cm2. Made from the highest quality aluminum, it is robust and can dissipate heat quickly. Featuring a unique and intuitive OLED one-button control, it has 5 versatile curing modes, including a pulse mode. For more information, call (877) 342-3368.


DENTAL CHAIR - Dansereau Health Products

America Operatory is considered one of the best values in dentistry today. The AM3 Dental Chair, with its smooth aseptic cushions, is available in 150 color choices and has the Infinity 3 handpiece automatic delivery system side-mounted. It includes a telescoping assistant’s package and dental light. The system is also available in cart, cabinet, and wall-mounted configurations with no additional costs. For more information, call (800) 423-5657 or visit dhpdental.com.



SOL is the ideal device for all laser users, delivering the power and essential features you demand in a laser. It delivers portability, power, and precision along with enhanced ergonomics, simple interface, and a high-contrast aiming beam at an incredible value. Whether you’re upgrading your arsenal, arming your hygiene team, or simply seeking your first diode, look no further than SOL. For more information, call (800) 445-0345.



As the No. 1-selling fiber-optic handpiece on the market (based on research by Strategic Data Marketing), each handpiece in the StarDental 430 series high-speed handpiece line remains a classic favorite among dental professionals. Made with StarDental ceramic ball bearing turbines, the full family of the 430 Series includes StarDental’s 430 SWL, 430 K, 430 SW, and the new 430 Satin. Each is available in lubricated or LubeFree. For more information, call (866) DTE-INFO or visit dentalez.com.


HYDRO-ABRASION DEVICE - Danville Materials

The new H2O PrepStart sprays a conical jet of water around the abrasive stream to capture virtually all dust. You can connect only to air, and the water is self-contained. You can treat without injections and treat most conservatively. You can also treat on diagnosis while increasing productivity and patient comfort. The H2O is also available as an accessory for all existing PrepStarts. For more information, call (800) 827-7940 or visit danvillematerials.com.



The Aquasil Ultra smart wetting impression material portfolio has been expanded to include Super Fast Set. Super Fast Set is available in all viscosities and packaged in a convenient, 2-cartridge 50-mL or DECA 380-mL refill. Its formula is optimized to offer an adequate intraoral work time of 35 seconds and Super Fast mouth removal time of 2 minutes, 30 seconds. For more information, call (800) LD-CAULK or visit the Web site aquasilultra.com.



The FenderMate flexible wing separates the teeth, pressing the matrix toward the cervical margin, avoiding overhang. Its optimal curvature and preshaped contact accommodate the most conservative Class II preparation; no ring is needed. With the facility to insert it lingually and/or buccally, the dentist can maintain a smaller, more conservative preparation, thus preserving healthy tooth structure and easily restoring a proper contact. For more information, call (800) 284-3368 or visit jsdental.com or directadental.com.


ROTARY FILES - DENTSPLY Tulsa Dental Specialties

Built on performance and refined by science, the next evolution of the world’s leading rotary endodontic file system is here. PROTAPER NEXT is performance refined. The M-Wire Ni-Ti file features an off-centered, rectangular cross-section for greater strength and a unique asymmetric rotary motion that enhances shaping efficiency. For more information, call (800) 662-1202 or visit the Web site tulsadentalspecialties.com.



DentiMax is a true, fully integrated sensor/practice management system. You can easily create treatment plans and view digital x-rays from one screen. Simply click on a tooth in the charting screen to instantly see all of the x-rays associated with that tooth—no clicking back and forth between windows. With DentiMax, using digital x-rays with practice management software couldn’t be easier. For more information, call (800) 704-8494 or visit dentimax.com.


CORE MATERIAL/POST CEMENT - Essential Dental Systems

The new, 2-in-1 core build-up material and post cement Ti-Core Flow+ is available in an automix syringe for ideal viscosity and convenience. It is radiopaque for easy viewing on x-rays. Its dual-cured formulation speeds up procedural time. You can save both time and money by choosing Ti-Core Flow+ as your multipurpose material for your restoration needs. For more information, call (800) 22-FLEXI.



FRESH Bold VPS is an advanced vinyl polysiloxane impression material system that provides dentists with incredible accuracy and ease of use at a great value. It is available in 8 viscosities and 2 setting times. The lower viscosities have exceptional hydrophilic properties and tear strength. For more information, call (800) 474-7665 or visit the Web site exactadental.com.


DENTAL CHAIR - Flight Dental Systems

The A10 Patient Chair is an ergonomically engineered seat with a cushion design. Easy drop-down arm rests and synchronized seat and backrest movement make for a reliable and comfortable chair. Also, a double-articulating headrest provides unlimited positioning for patient comfort. For more information, call (866) 799-0517.



One million bond enhancement procedures are produced hassle-free with the unidose EtchMaster tips. The tips are the perfect powder-blasting instrument for pretreatment of enamel, metal, ceramic, porcelain, and composites. The Etch­Master tips never clog and operate without overspray. The tips are powered by your chairside air via a simple handpiece adapter. For more information, call (800) 906-9298 or visit myetcher.com.


DIGITAL SPLINT - Great Lakes Orthodontics

Great Lakes Orthodontics makes splints easy for you. The company will provide assistance selecting (1) the appropriate splint, (2) a quick, yet thorough patient screening guide, and (3) a dedicated splint specialist to guide you through the process. Plus, these digital splints are so accurate that minimal if any adjustment is needed. For more information, call (800) 828-7626 or visit greatlakesortho.com.


EXTRACTION INSTRUMENTS - Golden Dental Solutions

Achieving atraumatic extractions has never been easier, more predictable, or faster than with the revolutionary Physics Forceps. A biomechanical rationale to ex-tractions based on the power of a first Class 1 lever along with a patented beak and bumper design allows these instruments to operate as a lingual elevator. For more information, call (877) 987-2284 or visit physicsforceps.com.


SECTIONAL MATRIX SYSTEM - Garrison Dental Solutions

The Composi-Tight 3D XR Sectional Matrix Ring is an ultraretentive matrix ring designed for use with short or malpositioned teeth, including areas between the canine and first bicuspid. The enhanced, Soft Face silicone ensures true matrix band adaptation, which reduces both flash and finishing time while improving contacts. The dynamic tip angle allows for proper tip alignment with the buccal and lingual surfaces for precise adaptation. For more information, call (888) 437-0032 or visit garrisondental.com.


TOOTH REPLACEMENT SYSTEM - Glidewell Laboratories

The Inclusive Tooth Replacement Solution offers everything you need to complete implant-supported restorations—for one all-inclusive price. This all-in-one treatment solution features the Inclusive Tapered Implant, surgical drills, prosthetic guide, custom temporary abutment and crown for patient-specific soft tissue management, a custom impression coping, and the final custom abutment and ceramic restoration. For more information, visit inclusivedental.com.


IMPLANT - Hiossen

Enhanced initial stability provided by ETIII SA fixture yields optimal conditions for immediate and early loading. The corkscrew thread design provides self-tapping and path-correcting ability where it delivers smooth insertion and feel. Integrated platform switching of the ETIII SA creates an environment for a wide range of aesthetic options. For more information, call (888) 678-0001 or visit hiossen.com.


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18th Annual Midwinter Product Showcase