Ultradent Products, Inc.

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Ultradent Products, Inc.


History of Ultradent
Ultradent Products, Inc. evolved from a dentist’s quest to create more effective dental products. Just out of dental school and beginning his practice, Dr. Dan Fischer was not satisfied with many of the dental products available to him. He felt products could be developed further. His desire to develop more advanced dental products led him to create products that would set future industry standards.
First Patent
Dr. Fischer's first endeavor was a successful hemostatic solution called Astringedent®, developed in 1979. Astringedent set the pace for a succession of products that would soon exceed expectations in the dental industry.

Business Growth
Business grew rapidly, and within a 12-year period, Ultradent expanded from a home operation to a 220,000 square-foot facility. Today, Ultradent also has subsidiaries in Germany, Italy, Brazil, and Japan, employing approximately 900 people. Ultradent now manufactures and packages more than 500 materials, devices and instruments. These products are used worldwide by dentists, group practices, dental and veterinary labs, government agencies and universities.
Ultradent continues development and holds dozens of patents and trademarks on unique products, materials, devices and application techniques. In addition, its Products and Procedures Manual (catalog) is considered one of the best in the industry, not only because it describes the products, but also because it provides professionally illustrated, step-by-step procedures on how to use the products.

Syringe Delivery
Ultradent pioneered another segment of the industry, becoming one of the first dental companies to manufacture syringe-packaged materials. As the demand for syringe-delivered products grew, Ultradent developed a molding division, and opened an adjacent injection molding facility. In addition to supporting Ultradent's growing needs, the molding facility produces a variety of plastic materials and devices for other companies. These materials range from syringe tips to all-purpose stacking containers.
International Recognition
In keeping with its mission to improve the level of dental health care worldwide, Ultradent markets its products through distributors in more than 80 countries, reaching individual dentists, dental schools and labs. The company is certified to market dental products in Europe, under the International Standards Organization 9002 requirements. It also meets U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements.
Many have recognized Ultradent Products, Inc. for its outstanding industry leadership and contributions to the dental community. In recent years, Ultradent received the Small Business Administration's Exporter of the Year and Direct Distributor of the Year awards. Additionally, Dr. Fischer has received the Alumni of the Year award from Loma Linda University and the Utah Dentist of the Year award from the Academy of General Dentistry.

Lecture Series
Ultradent conducts lectures around the world on state-of-the-art dentistry. It also sponsors Continuing Dental Education seminars where dentists learn the latest hands-on techniques using Ultradent products. Ultradent has also entered into a successful partnership with the American Dental Association, providing lectures to junior and senior dental students in more than 50 schools throughout the United States. Those lecturers, combined with representatives from Ultradent's marketing force, reach thousands of graduating dentists each year. Additionally, prominent dentists, educators and distributors from around the world visit the Ultradent facility annually for continuing education and training on the company's latest products and techniques.

Humanitarian Efforts
Beyond the dental community, Ultradent donates products to humanitarian efforts locally, nationally and internationally.
Additionally, Ultradent sponsors a non-profit organization, Smiles for Diversity, a progressive outreach program committed to preventing hate crimes and intolerance. The program promotes diversity and fosters multi-cultural awareness among individuals from all backgrounds. It also works to cultivate mutual respect and appreciation among individuals without promoting any one cause.

Ultradent Values
Ultradent is serious about living its vision, mission and core values. Through constant improvement of its business system, the company works bring about its vision of improving human oral heath care throughout the world.

Ultradent Professionals
Ultradent's staff of dedicated employees is still growing. Company management maintains a high level of commitment to employee training programs and seminars.
The professionals at Ultradent are making a difference in the level of dental care available worldwide. They are proud of that accomplishment and are committed to continue development in the dental field.
For more information about Ultradent Products, Inc. or any of its products, please call (800) 496-8337 or visit www.ultradent.com.

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