Las Vegas Institute

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LVI Global
1401 Hillshire Dr. Suite 200
Las Vegas, NV 89134



A Post-Graduate Dental Learning Institution

Long recognized as the pioneer in live-patient, post-graduate dental training, Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI) offers doctors and their teams from around the globe comprehensive learning and a curriculum that inspires life-changing experiences not only in their practices, but in their personal lives.

The ever-expanding LVI curriculum includes Restorative, Occlusal, Ortho, Implant, Endodontic, Laboratory, Practice Management and Team Training courses that are revolutionizing dentistry and the quality of treatment offered to the general public.

A 2005 independent survey conducted by Strategic Dental Marketing, a nationally recognized research firm used by many of the top companies within the dental industry, reported the most telling reasons that a dentist should undertake a course of study at LVI:

99.7% of LVI alumni love being a dentist.
92% enjoy their profession more since they started at LVI.
This is a direct indication that their LVI Journey has improved their feelings about what they do for a living.

Over 83% of LVI alumni have seen an increase in their net incomes.
The majority of dentists have seen an increase in income exceeding 25% since coming to LVI while 30% have increased their net income by more than 50%.

92% of the dentists were either extremely or very satisfied with their LVI education, while 7.2% of the remaining 8% were satisfied.
This phenomenal result is not surprising, considering the increased love of their profession LVI alumni experience.

97.4% of LVI alumni plan to take additional courses at LVI.
LVI’s passion and dedication to help dentists is made obvious by the state-of-the-art facilities, technology and equipment that you will use during your course of study at LVI, which is surpassed only by its iconic teaching faculty.

The spirit of camaraderie experienced among peers and the LVI family will more than support your journey to an enjoyable value-added practice and lifestyle.

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