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7405 Westfield Blvd.
Indianapolis, IN 46240

866.WWW.AMDL or 866.999.2635
TEL: 317.202.9530
FAX: 678.868.4108
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AMD LASERS, founded in 2006, is the world leader in providing comprehensive and affordable laser technology for doctors looking to take their practice to the next level. The integration of high-quality laser technology enables you to provide advanced patient care with ease. Doctors who are ready to invest in making a laser upgrade with AMD LASERS receive unparalleled support from our knowledgeable and friendly customer service team who truly understand just how important a seamless transition into a laser practice really is. AMD LASERS strives to ensure your complete satisfaction with our products and services. This unwavering commitment, and our unmatched affordability, is what sets us apart from the rest of the industry. AMD LASERS is more than a manufacturer of dental lasers—we are the leader of laser integration to the entire world of dentistry.

Alan Miller
CEO / President

To equip every operatory in every practice around the world with our cutting- edge laser technology. We are here to provide dentists with high-quality, innovatively-designed products and world-class customer service at affordable prices. Our company is committed to research and development in the effort to provide even more technology in the future at affordable price points. AMD LASERS, the only laser company that returns a high value for a low investment.

Why AMD LASERS? It’s simple: We provide superior products at a much more reasonable price than any of our competitors. We offer a 3-year standard product warranty, as well as three levels of training, so you can rest assured that an investment with AMD LASERS is an investment well made.

The Picasso represents a dramatic breakthrough in laser technology that has lead to a remarkable breakthrough in price. With an unprecedented level of affordability, the new multi-functional soft tissue diode laser offers comprehensive clinical results in surgical, periodontal therapy, endodontic procedures, and bleaching, the Picasso’s innovative design, 7 watts of power, 8 programmable presets, color touch screen, multi-lingual menu, standard 3-year warranty and low annual operating cost makes Picasso the only complete laser solution for dentists who want the flexibility to integrate laser technology throughout their practice.

AMD LASERS provides three levels of training, certification and a suite of accessories. Coming directly from the factory to the doctor makes the Picasso the most affordable, high-quality laser on the market. For a very small investment, dentists around the globe can easily incorporate this remarkable technology into every operatory of the practice. The Picasso, the only laser you need to create a masterpiece smile.

Located in Indianapolis, Indiana in the United States, our 10,000 square foot, state-of-the-art manufacturing and demonstration facility is conveniently located in the heartland of the Midwest. AMD LASERS is a truly unique laser facility because every aspect of what we offer is located under one roof: administration, sales, marketing, research and development, laser showroom, shipping/receiving, warehousing along with a hands-on, educational training area. AMD LASERS ships directly from this factory to your practice— anywhere in the world—delivering your lasers in an expedited time frame with an unmatched high-level of customer service.

Come and join us! Our facility is easy to reach by air through Indianapolis Airport which is nearby. Within a five minute drive of our location, there are great accommodations, restaurants and shopping options for your convenience. We invite you to schedule a private tour and/or attend one of our hands-on educational seminars!

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