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Carestream Dental booth

At Carestream Dental booth, we saw the new KODAK RVG 6500 System, which is a digital radiography sensor system. It’s unique because it’s the first system to have the intelligent positioning system to provide accurate sensor placement during patient examinations.

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Essential Dental Systems booth

At the Essential Dental Systems booth, we saw Ti-Core Flow+, which is a 2-in-1 core buildup material. It comes with narrow tips for use in the canal for post cement and it has tips with a wider diameter to quicken core buildup.

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Midmark booth

At the Midmark booth, we saw the capabilities of the PowerVac G dry vacuum unit and the Artizan drawer line.

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Discus Dental booth

At the Discus Dental booth, we saw the new SL3 soft-tissue diode laser. It includes many of the features of the NV Microlaser, including disposable fiber tips, battery operation and its wireless footpedal activation. It also has a full-color LCD touchscreen and voice confirmation that provides audible feedback.

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Evolve Dental Technologies booth

At the Evolve Dental Technologies booth, we learned that the KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching system can now finish its whitening process in 50% less time than in the past. The quicker whitening time is a result of the introduction of the new Dual Accelerated, Tri-Barrel Hydremide Peroxide technology.

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AXIS Dental booth

At AXIS Dental booth, we saw the Zir-Cut diamonds, which is a Z-cut diamond that prevents microfractures and makes life easier for all dentists and lab personnel that work with ceramic, zirconia or other similar materials. The diamonds were created to reduce vibration to result in a smooth finish.

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KaVo Dental Booth

At the KaVo Dental booth, we were introduced to KaVo’s new series of handpieces. The Expert Series, Master Series and Smart Series all have unique features and have many capabilities, depending upon what type of procedure you are looking to do.

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Ultradent Products - Opalescence Oh!

At the Ultradent Products booth, Opalescence Oh! was introduced. It’s a whitening system that possesses unit-dosed disposable bulbs filled with Ultradent’s sticky and viscous whitening gel. In addition to Oplascence Oh!, Ultradent unveiled a new version of Opalescence Boost.

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DENTSPLY Tulsa Dental Specialties' WaveOne

DENTSPLY Tulsa Dental Specialties’ WaveOne is an obturator oven that was developed for heating WaveOne endodontic obturators during use for root canal therapy.

This is a video demonstration of how WaveOne works.

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DENTSPLY Caulk SureFil SDR Flow

We saw the SureFil SDR Flow, which is a bulk fill flowable base that makes procedures easier compared to other similar products. It's also the only flowable that can self-level and provides cavity adaptation at a high level.

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Biotrol booth

At the Biotrol booth, we saw Birex, which combines a series of detergents that are capable of cleaning and disinfecting without causing any damage to your equipment. There are also Birex wipes that are used to clean a wide variety of surfaces.

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DentalEZ booth

At the DentalEZ Booth, we saw the DentalEZ Free-Motion Elbow Support, which has the ability to attach to a stool cylinder and provide support for the dental professional's elbow. The goal of this support product is to alleviate any possible muscle fatigue or soreness that could occur.

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DENTSPLY Caulk ChemFil Rock

At the DENTSPLY Caulk booth, we saw a demonstration of ChemFil Rock, which is DENTSPLY Caulk's new glass ionomer restorative. The result of this glass ionomer restorative compared to others is that the placement process is easier. It also holds up without fractures better than other products.

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DENTSPLY Tulsa Dental Specialties

At the DENTSPLY Tulsa Dental Specialties booth, we saw GuttaCore, which is a crosslinked gutta-percha core obturator. It is the first obturator that has the ability to be crosslinked with the gutta-percha core.

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Dr. Damon Adams

Dentistry Today's Editor-in-Chief Dr. Damon Adams welcomes everyone to the Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting.

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DENTSPLY Caulk sponsoring Dentistry Today Blog at Chicago Midwinter Meeting

DENTSPLY Caulk, a leader in innovative dental products, proudly sponsors the Chicago Midwinter Meeting dental blog with Dentistry Today. A featured product for the DENTSPLY Caulk team is Chemfil Rock—a new product that will be launched at this meeting. Dentists can stop by DENTSPLY Caulk's booth (No. 1802/2002) for a sample and to gather information. Dentistry Today will visit the booth several times during the course of the first two days of the meeting, highlighting Chemfill Rock, as well as other DENTSPLY Caulk specialty products for the daily blog. Dentistry Today is now blogging information from its third dental meeting in the past 4 months, covering and delivering news, product launches, and the overview of the biggest dental meetings in the United States.

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Chicago Midwinter Meeting Coverage

Dentistry Today will conduct a blog from the Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting on Thursday, February 24, and Friday, February 25. It will showcase many of the new products to be unveiled at the meeting, including those from DENTSPLY Caulk, the blog’s sponsor. The blog will offer product descriptions and, in most cases, a video demonstrating the product’s capabilities. Dentists unable to attend the meeting will now have the opportunity to see the latest and most innovative products introduced at the meeting. Dentistry Today has also produced blogs from the 2010 Greater New York Meeting and the 2011 Yankee Dental Congress. To view them, visit

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Yankee Dental Congress Blog

If the snow prevented you from attending the Yankee Dental Congress in Boston, you can still see what happened. Dentistry Today's blog will fill you in about everything that transpired, including the new product releases. We'll provide you with video demonstrations explaining how the products work, along with images and text about the products. So if you weren't there, you can still feel like you were.

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At the KOMET USA booth, we saw the Oscillating handpiece, which is part of the IPR kit. These segmented discs are specifically designed for usage in the oscillating KOMET contra-angle OS30. There was also the S-Diamond, which is used for increased efficiency and gentle treatment for the primary preparation of crown cores. These diamonds will enable you to save time. Then there was the Q Finishing Instrument, which cuts down on composite filling time. The development of an innovative toothing enabled this to be done in just 2 steps—Q finishing the instrument and ultra-fine finishing the instrument. For more information, visit

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GC America Booth (video)

At the GC America booth, we saw G-ænial Universal Flo, which is a nanohybrid light-cured flowable that performs like a conventional composite. It also has an exclusive new filler technology that is used for the first time in composite chemistry. This composite, which is unlike any other composite, comes in 15 shades. For more information, visit

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