SuniRay Sensors Achieve Maximal Image Quality with Minimal Exposure

San Jose, Jan 8, 2013—A recent University of Texas evaluation of the imaging properties of 20 intraoral digital systems found that the SuniRay Digital Radiography System captures diagnostic-quality dental X-rays using the least amount of radiation. In a comparison between the 20 intraoral digital systems, the SuniRay’s 0.38 optimal exposure was tied with two other sensors as the lowest. Among those two sensors, the SuniRay had the highest spatial resolution and contrast/detail detectability. This means that the SuniRay’s ability to capture high-quality diagnostic X-rays while maintaining the lowest radiation exposure levels is unmatched in the industry.
    The SuniRay System is designed to strike the perfect balance between exceptional image quality and optimal exposure, and the University of Texas study is proof of its success. As strong proponents of the ALARA Principle (As Low As Reasonably Achievable), Suni engineers its sensors to achieve maximal image quality while maintaining minimal radiation exposure. “This study just validates our efforts to build a perfectly balanced sensor,” said Paul Tucker, CEO of Suni.
    The study also stressed the importance of contrast/detail detectability in intraoral imaging systems—another area the SuniRay excelled in—citing a previous study that found contrast resolution to be the most desired characteristic in a new sensor. Suni’s proprietary sensor technology allows the SuniRay to capture high-resolution images at the lowest optimal exposure levels of any sensor on the market.  “It’s important that a sensor finds the right ratio between resolution and contrast,” said Arya Azimi, Director of Marketing. “We’ve designed our sensors so that we can achieve both high spatial-resolution and high contrast-ratio, without sacrificing one for the other.”

About Suni Medical Imaging

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