Clinician’s Choice Announces Expansion Of Endodontic Line

New Milford, CT – June 2013 –  For nearly 20 years, CLINICIAN’S CHOICE Dental Products, Inc. has been providing dentists throughout North America with clinically proven esthetic and restorative products, designed to solve their every day clinical challenges. More recently, the company has expanded into endodontics by introducing a full line of products designed for both general dentists and endodontic specialists.

The company’s flagship endodontic product, TYPHOON™ Infinite Flex NiTi Files, were one of the first files on the market to offer Controlled Memory NiTi™ technology. Boasting up to 600% more resistance to fatigue stress and three times the torsional strength of traditional NiTi files, TYPHOON files dramatically reduce the risk of file separation, while offering effortless navigation in extremely curved canals.

New products to the CLINICIAN’S CHOICE endo line are TUNNEL VISION™ - a water soluble 19% EDTA solution for effective lubricating, chelating, and debridement of root canal preparations, as well as TRUE CAL™ 35% Calcium Hydroxide Paste. With a high 12.5pH, TRUE CAL is ideal for use as an intermediate inter-appointment canal treatment, as well as for a superior antimicrobial agent for apexification procedures. Both products are syringe delivered directly to the apex via an EndoFlex Tip for the ultimate in efficiency and precise placement.

Trusted to produce consistent results, CLINICIAN’S CHOICE can be counted on for every day endodontic essentials, such as access burs, cordless obturation and backfill units, rotary instrumentation systems, ultrasonic units and tips, gutta percha, paper points, esthetic fiber posts, and core material.