Sun Dental Labs Introduces Find A Dentist Directory

Clearwater Florida (July 11, 2011) – Sun Dental Labs, a full-service US-based dental lab, has created a Find A Dentist Directory Program for their Sunflex® partial denture product.

"Our Corporate Headquarters receives five to 10 calls a day from prospective patients looking for dentists who offer our flexible Sunflex partial dentures," said Stephanie Jones, Director of Marketing and Customer Service for Sun Dental Labs. "So, creating a searchable database of dentists offering Sunflex seemed like a natural extension to the services we currently provide." Patients will be able to search the database of practice names and contact by city and state or zip code.

Sun Dental Labs is still looking for dental practices that would like to participate. This Find A Dentist Directory Program will improve a practice's visibility on the web and should generate new business. There is no cost to the dental provider to participate, however there are some program requirements. "We are offering this program free to our doctor clients, but we do ask that they offer a free initial consultation to patients we refer to the practice," said Raver. "And since these patients are looking specifically for Sunflex partial dentures, the dentist should only prescribe Sunflex."

To be included in Sun Dental Labs' Sunflex Find A Dentist Directory Program, dentists can fill out the application online at

About Sun Dental Labs
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