DentaQuest Foundation Directs $4 Million in Grants

March 25, 2011 –The DentaQuest Foundation awarded more than $4 million in 2010 to organizations in 8 states who are dedicated to improving the oral health of Americans. A total of 48 grants are supporting initiatives in Florida, Massachusetts, Maryland, Virginia, Illinois, Mississippi, New York and Kentucky to reduce health inequities, highlight prevention, foster civic engagement, and influence systems that promote oral health beyond the clinical setting. A full list of the 2010 grants awarded can be viewed at
From 2000 to 2010, the DentaQuest Foundation has supported better oral health with $25 million in grants to identify, cultivate and disseminate best practices and effective policy initiatives that address pressing oral health problems. The Foundation supports the work of local, state and national groups with good ideas for solving oral health problems. Its approach is to engage health and community leaders and philanthropies across the nation to strategically focus resources to improve oral health and therefore the overall health of their communities.
"Progress in addressing oral health disparities requires the support and engagement of the entire community. Equipped with effective tools and knowledge, community leaders, parents, health care providers, educators and the general public can more easily tackle oral health problems," explains Ralph Fuccillo, DentaQuest Foundation President. "We applaud the overall response to gaps in access and feel certain that these grants will further local and national efforts to improve oral health."

About the DentaQuest Foundation
The DentaQuest Foundation is a philanthropic organization supported by the oral health family of companies that includes DentaQuest, one of the nation's largest dental benefits providers, serving more than 14 million members. The DentaQuest Foundation supports the enterprise mission of improving oral health for all Americans through its support of prevention and access to oral health care, and through its partnerships with funders, policy makers, and community leaders. For more information, please visit