Fear of Dental Care Keeps Many Patients from Visiting the Dentist

Heraeus acknowledges link between oral health and overall health during Heart Failure Awareness Week: February 13-19, 2011

SOUTHBEND, IN/February 11, 2011/PRNewswire/ -- More than just teeth and gums, a dentist may help detect a wide range of health conditions, including heart disease, diabetes and oral cancer, but for many people an intense fear of dental treatment prevents them from getting the care they need.  

To bring attention to the connection between good oral health and overall health, Heraeus, the leader in advancing dental esthetics and overall dental wellbeing, is acknowledging Heart Failure Awareness Week, February 13-19, 2011.   

“Recent scientific studies and data show that dentists can spot early warning signs in the mouth that may indicate disease elsewhere in the body,” says Christopher Holden, President of Heraeus Kulzer. “Importantly, dentists’ significant training and education enables them to recognize conditions that merit referring patients for care by dental specialists or physicians,” he adds.

According to the U.S. surgeon general’s report on oral health in America, approximately one-third of adults in the United States had not visited a dentist for treatment within the previous year.1

The barriers to adequate dental care can range from low income to lack of dental insurance to dental anxiety, but the end result is the same: oral health extends beyond dental health and forgoing a trip to the dentist inhibits optimal oral health and may even retard the detection of serious diseases.

For those with dental phobias, there’s good news. New products and technologies are helping to eliminate sensitivities.  Gluma® Desensitizer PowerGel by Heraeus is one such product. Scheduled to launch in March 2011, the product helps eliminate sensitivity due to gum erosion. “Patients who forgo annual cleanings may have gum recession, and as a result, they may experience some sensitivity during a professional cleaning,” says Rachel Wall, a renowned dental hygienist and founder of Inspired Hygiene. “Gluma® Desensitizer PowerGel promotes patient comfort by eliminating pain associated with dentinal hypersensitivity,” she adds.

 The American Dental Association recommends that individuals brush and floss every day, and see their dentist at least twice a year for regular cleanings and oral exams.

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