Vatech America Selects 1st Vatech Challenge Winner, Next Round Under Way

Secaucus, N.J.- February 1, 2011- Vatech America, Inc. provider of the world's most advanced digital dental imaging equipment, is pleased to announce its 1st Vatech Challenge winner, Dr. Bret Dyer. The purpose of the Vatech Challenge is to challenge dental professionals' decision making process when it comes to integrating digital radiography into the modern dental office. Contrary to current industry approach to implementing digital radiography, Vatech America promotes a workflow approach which maximizes efficiency and clinical need.

Dr. Bret Dyer, a periodontist from Sugarland, TX, Dr. Dyer spent most of his childhood in his father's dental practice which is where he decided to pursue a career in the dental industry. After graduating from the University of Texas in 1984 with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology he continued his education at the University of Texas Dental Branch in Houston, where he became certified to practice periodontics in 1990 and ultimately obtained his Masters of Science in Periodontics a year later. Dr. Dyer's work is well recognized within the periodontic community; as he is a frequent contributor to the Journal of Periodontology, a Diplomat of the America Board of Periodontology and has received several awards for his research on regeneration.

The Vatech Challenge is currently in its second round. Another winner will be announced July 31st. Interested participants are encouraged to log onto the Vatech America website at: and follow the link to take the Vatech Challenge.