Pulp-Protection & Teeth-Strengthening with SmileSimplicity

Structurally reinforcing teeth to correct age- and bruxism-related wear

All of your patients can benefit from stronger, protected teeth, especially your middle-aged and older patients. Educate your patients about the inevitable effects of aging. Then present the SmileSimplicity solution!

In this month’s SmileSimplicity Webinar, we look at a mature patient who also grinds his teeth. His teeth are healthy, but they exhibit incisal/occlusal wear. Naturally, there is also some discoloration. Dr. Bob will use the painless, noninvasive and preservative methods of SmileSimplicity to restore and strengthen this patient’s teeth.

You’ll discover:

• Pulp-protection at its best.
• How valuable enamel and dentin are preserved.
• How to restore the length of the teeth without opening the bite or shortening the teeth.
• How dentition is preserved and strengthened.
• How the results appear natural, whiter, healthier and more youthful.

And all accomplished without shots or pain!

Join us to learn how you can perform the noninvasive tooth-strengthening techniques of SmileSimplicity.

Date: 2-16-11
Time: 4 p.m. PT
CE Units: 1 Free CE unit
Register: www.smilesimplicity.com or call (805) 346-8100