Ann Battrell Recently Interviewed on DentalEZ Group’s Video Blog

Battrell Discusses Current State, Recent Changes, and the Future of Profession

Malvern, PA (December 21, 2010) – DEZiree, the newest hygiene video blog star for DentalEZ® Group, recently interviewed the Executive Director of the American Dental Hygienists’ Association (ADHA), Ann Battrell, on the Group’s new DEZiree site.

A true visionary in the dental hygiene profession, Battrell has held the Executive Director position for the Association since 2005. She is the first actual Registered Dental Hygienist
to hold the prestigious title. Battrell began her career at the ADHA eleven years ago, when
she started as the Manager of Education, and quickly moved up the ranks as Director of Education, Assistant Executive Director of Strategic Planning and Education, and, finally, Executive Director.

Housed on DentalEZ’s microsite,, the 13-minute interview explores important state-of-the-industry topics, such as:

• The top three changes in the hygiene profession
• The currently growing diversity in roles and titles of Registered Dental Hygienists
• Collaborative practice between dentists and hygienists
• A forecast of future changes in the hygiene profession for the next 5-10 years
• How the ADHA supports the hygiene profession on a broad and individual level
• ADHA membership benefits

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