Dr. Fred Pockrass Appointed to Advisory Board of KIWI Magazine

Berkeley, CA (December 16, 2010) – The Eco-Dentistry Association™ (EDA), an international membership association promoting environmentally sound practices in dentistry, recently announced the appointment of EDA Co-Founder Dr. Fred Pockrass as the newest Advisory Board member for KIWI Magazine, a publication for families interested in natural and organic living.

As a KIWI Advisory Board member, Dr. Pockrass will act as an informational resource for the magazine and its readership regarding optimum oral and overall health and environmentally-friendly dental products and practices. He will provide the organization with insights, feedback, and a dentist’s perspective on its editorial content and approaches, as well as research.

“Preventive health care and environmental stewardship are rapidly becoming core family values. At the same time, many parents are not aware of the vital role dentistry plays in maintaining the health of our loved ones and the opportunity to choose environmentally-friendly dental practitioners and products,” remarked Dr. Pockrass. “Along with good nutrition, good oral care is one of the first personal health practices we teach and model to our children. I acknowledge Kiwi Magazine for recognizing the importance of dentistry, and am honored to support their mission.”

KIWI Magazine encompasses a strong environmental emphasis, and is dedicated to helping parents raise their children in the healthiest way possible. Its goal is to introduce families to the latest in natural and organic living and to show how to practice this lifestyle every day. Its mission is to help families make the best choices, with the best information available, in the shortest amount of time.

KIWI Advisory Board members are chosen because of their unique expertise or leadership in their fields as it relates to a particular aspect of health and the environment. “We are excited to welcome Dr. Pockrass as our newest Advisory Board member,” remarked Maxine Wolf, CEO & Publisher of KIWI Magazine.

“Dr. Pockrass was chosen because of his vast knowledge of overall wellness and a keen awareness of the environment. We are grateful to have the opportunity to benefit from his expertise internally and to share his wealth of knowledge with our readers.”

Dr. Pockrass has been a restorative and general dentist since 1981. He graduated from McGill University, Montreal, Canada, and began his practice in Ottawa, the capital city of Canada.

After eight years, Dr. Pockrass fulfilled a lifelong dream of studying with a meditation master in India and moved to the Himalayas. While there, he created a Western-style dental clinic and, until late 2000, served as personal dentist to a noted international community. He is a graduate of the acclaimed PAC-Live program in Aesthetic Dentistry at University of the Pacific in San Francisco, CA.

Dr. Pockrass has taught meditation and Tai Chi for 20 years. In 2003, he founded the country’s first green dental office, Transcendentist, (www.transcendentist.com), in Berkeley, California. His passion is transforming his clients’ experience of the dentist and making each person an expert in their own oral well-being.

In addition to co-founding the Eco-Dentistry Association in 2008 (www.ecodentistry.org), Dr. Pockrass is a member of the American Dental Association, the American Academy of Biological Dentistry, and serves on the Advisory Board of Access Magazine and the Advisory Board of the Academy of Intuitive Medicine.

He is Canadian and American Board-certified and licensed in Quebec and Ontario since 1981, and in California since 2001. Dr. Pockrass co-founded Transcendentist®, Inc., the leading eco-friendly dental products and services company. 

About the Eco-Dentistry Association™

The EDA is an international educational membership organization that provides standards, best practices, and certification for green dental offices and green dental products and services. The
organization also provides the public access to dental professionals who share their values of wellness and environmental stewardship. More information can be found at www.ecodentistry.org.