Dentatus and Henry Schein Make Announcement

NEW YORK, Dec. 14, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Dentatus and Henry Schein, Inc., today announced that it has been agreed that Henry Schein will no longer be the exclusive distributor of the Dentatus ATLAS® Narrow Body implant system and that Dentatus will reassume direct marketing and distribution of all Dentatus implant products. Though the Dentatus ATLAS® Narrow Body implant system can now be purchased directly through Dentatus, it will also continue to be available through Henry Schein.

Dentatus, an innovative designer and manufacturer of high-tech dental products, will continue to offer its proprietary HOW™ Hands on Workshops to train professionals in the one-hour chair-side procedure for creating overdentures supported by ATLAS implants and retained with the cushioned Tuf-Link® liner, without copings and O-ring technologies. The HOW workshops will also include clinical and technical instruction for Dentatus's ANEW® Narrow Body Implants for fixed interim and lab customized longer-term restoration. The ANEW 1.8, 2.2 and 2.4 mm implants with minimally invasive procedure can be also used in narrow bone and limited interdental spaces for immediate chair-side replacement of teeth for the widest range of patient needs. The proprietary HOW™ Workshops developed by Dentatus, used world-wide in university teaching centers, are recognized as the ideal resource for practical hands-on instruction.

For more detailed information on the HOW regional workshops and for a schedule of workshops, please call 212-481-1010 or visit Dentatus at

Dentatus AB, founded in 1930, is renowned for its precision high quality dental instruments and consumable products, including semi-adjustable articulators that are in continuous use world-wide in universities and teaching facilities. Dentatus introduced in 1935 the earliest prefabricated Classic metal alloy and the first titanium root canal anchors, the most widely used in the world. Its latest developments consist of patented glass fiber endodontics anchors and specialized instruments and products for use in esthetic restorative dental procedures.

Bernard Weissman is a noted inventor of a wide range of dental instruments and consumable devices used globally, the founder and former owner of Whaledent International, and a listed member of the faculty at the New York University College of Dentistry. He acquired Dentatus AB, located in Stockholm, Sweden in 1988 and in 1989 established Dentatus USA, Ltd, located in New York, N.Y., which serves as the distribution center for Dentatus products in North and South America market. Mr. Weissman's most recent 18 patented inventions include the highly esteemed line of Narrow Body implants approved for long-term use. His expertise in dentistry provides Dentatus a continuous stream of innovations in the dental market.