EAO awards first certificates in implant-based therapy

Brussels, November 04, 2010 – The European Association for Osseointegration (EAO) has awarded its first ever certificates in implant-based therapy.

Four dentists from Japan, Sweden and Portugal, were the first to be awarded the certificates earlier this month after undergoing a rigorous final examination to test their skills and knowledge.

The four successful participants, Dr. Lennart Dageborn (Sweden), Dr. Nobuyuki Nakai (Japan), Dr. Yoshiaki Takanashi (Japan) and Dr. Joao Tondela (Portugal) were among 10 dentists who originally submitted documentation of previously treated cases as the first part of their examination.
"It is a complete examination in implant-based therapy," said Professor Christoph Hämmerle, EAO Past President.

“The candidates were questioned about six treated cases they submitted and were required to demonstrate knowledge of theoretical and clinical implant-based therapy. This includes basic knowledge of anatomy, pathology, biomechanics, physiology, histology, applied dental materials, applied pharmacology, radiology and biostatistics,” he said.

The certification process is both rigorous and time-consuming so the EAO is initially only able to certify a limited number of candidates each year. However, it is expected this will increase as more resources are made available.

"We are very pleased to have awarded the first EAO certificates this year,” said EAO President, Dr Paul Stone. “It is our mission to promote the highest standards of oral implant-based therapy and to increase the skills and expertise of dental practitioners."

As the only Europe-wide standardised assessment of implant-based therapy, the EAO certificate provides a benchmark for all dentists involved in the therapy. The certificates are valid for 10 years.

More information on the certification programme can be found on the new EAO website: www.eao.org/certification.