Quality Dental Plan Makes Dental Benefits A Reality For Millions Of Americans

Bend, OR -  (May 28, 2014) – While the recent rollout of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has increased the availability and affordability of medical coverage, dental benefits continue to be viewed by the public as a luxury rather than a necessity, a belief that dental professionals across the country are working to change.

According to the American Dental Association, the ACA is only estimated to cover dental care for about 26 million Americans, mostly children and Medicare recipients, leaving an estimated 127 million Americans without any kind of insurance – and much of that uninsured population wondering how to afford even basic preventive dental care.

In response, there is a new concept sweeping the county: in-house savings plans offered directly to patients by their local dentists, which enable individual dentists to provide comprehensive dental care packages to existing and prospective patients at an affordable price.

This trend is gaining traction among dental professionals, patients and even getting the notice of major news media; Forbes.comlisted one such plan, Quality Dental Plan (QDP) as the first of five potential solutions for patients without dental insurance in a May 14, 2014 article entitled, “When You Don’t Have Dental Insurance”.

“Most consumers are unaware of the stark differences between dental insurance and medical insurance,” says QDP Founder Dan Marut, DMD. “Dentists don’t require that patients have insurance coverage like most medical doctors, because they know that while dental care can be expensive, dental insurance isn’t always offered in an employer’s benefit plan, and dentistry isn’t covered under most Affordable Care Act plans. I created Quality Dental Plan to fill that gap for private practice dentists.”

Patients sign up for membership at participating QDP dental practices, and for a set fee, only $25/month on average, they receive all of their annual preventive care – and are often able to take advantage of additional “members only” savings on comprehensive and even cosmetic dental services offered by their dentist.

“Dentists are joining the QDP movement because they realize they are now able to provide care to a greater number of patients in their communities who don’t have insurance. Dentists are happy and their patients can finally enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that they’re being charged fairly for routine dental care. QDP is a true win-win scenario for both patients and dentists,” Marut says.

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