Clinician’s Choice Partners With Angelus, Brazil

New Milford, CT – April 2014 – CLINICIAN’S CHOICE Dental Products, Inc. announces a new partnership with Angelus, Brazil and the addition of both MTA Angelus and MTA Fillapex to the CLINICIAN’S CHOICE line of innovative endodontic products.

Having been on the dental market since 2001, and with a proven scientific and clinical track record, MTA Reparative Cement from Angelus exhibits excellent handling, ideal radiopacity, low solubility, and incomparable biological healing properties. With a 10-15 minute setting time, compared with 2+ hours for other MTA products on the market, MTA Angelus is the material of choice for pulp capping, perforation repair, root-end filling, apexification and apexogenesis, as well as root resorption repair.

Recently gaining a significant amount of accolade, complimented by several scientific studies and articles, and selected as a ++++ product for 2014 by Dental Advisor, MTA Fillapex is a unique endodontic sealer that includes 13.2% MTA – unmatched in its biological healing properties, and tissue-friendly, biologically compatible salicylate resin. Together with an ideal flow rate, MTA Fillapex ensures a complete seal – while easily and efficiently penetrating even the smallest of lateral and accessory canals.

Both products can be ordered directly by calling CLINICIAN’S CHOICE at 1-800-265-3444 or online at