MicroDental Laboratories Receives Prestigious Patient Health and Safety Accreditation

March 7, 2014, San Francisco – MicroDental Laboratories, one of the leading dental laboratories in the world, has achieved its DAMAS renewal accreditation for 2014. DAMAS stands for Dental Appliance Manufacturing Audit System. DAMAS is designed to allow dental laboratories to demonstrate that they follow FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practices, ensuring patient safety. Less than 1% of more than 7,000 U.S. dental laboratories are DAMAS certified.

“DAMAS is more than just an accreditation. It is doing business in a way that makes quality and patient safety paramount,” noted Kim Bradshaw, CEO and President at MicroDental Laboratories. “In a dental lab industry that is increasingly characterized by new materials, 3D technologies, and complex supply chains, the specifications for DAMAS provide dentists with a peace of mind that the patient experience comes first and offers MicroDental with excellent context for evaluating innovations.”

“DAMAS is a high achievement for a dental laboratory, and few dental labs in the world can successfully complete and pass year after year. It is a voluntary process that requires a third party audit and yearly revalidation,” commented Laura Sheppard, CDT TE, Senior Director of Compliance and Regulatory Affairs at MicroDental. “The specifications for DAMAS are designed to insure we follow best practices such as verification of FDA accepted materials, lot tracking for traceability; adherence to strict quality control standards; manufacturing and equipment controls for product consistency.” 

“An exceptional commitment to patient health and safety is one of the attributes that makes MicroDental Laboratories different,” stated Len Liptak, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at MicroDental Laboratories. “Being one of the few laboratories in the world to maintain the prestigious DAMAS accreditation underscores MicroDental’s unique commitment to helping dentists deliver effective, satisfying and safe treatment experiences.”