First Impressions: May 2011

In First Impressions George Freedman, DDS, gives readers a brief summary of products that have recently been introduced to dentistry, based on his clinical experience.

Crystal Tip Air Water Syringes
Crystal Tip

Air water syringes are used by every practitioner and every assistant nu­mer­ous times every hour throughout the day. Most practitioners do not realize how essential these instruments are. (Try working without the air/ water syringe for one minute and see how difficult it is!) They are indispensable in keeping the operative area readily visible and clear of debris. In fact, most current dental chair setups offer separate syringes for the dentist and the assistant. The quality and consistency of air, water, and dual-delivery, its pressure and focusability are crucial to the effective conduct of clinical practice. Crystal Tip's innovative disposable Air Water Syringes prevent cross-contamination. There is no special line adapter required; Crystal Tips are interchangeable with metal tips (but no sterilization is necessary). Adapters are available for proprietary systems as well. The unique Quad Air Core design ensures dry air and eliminates leaks, delivering predictable air, water, and dual sprays. The beveled tip ends prevent soft-tissue damage in the patient's mouth. The syringe angulation al-lows facilitated entry anywhere into the patient's mouth. The colorful, latex-free, US Food and Drug Admini-stration-approved plastic sy­ringe tubing is translucent, allowing the practitioner to see if any residual water remains in the tip. The o-ring groove lock secures the tip in place and prevents water leakage. The bev­eled insertion edges prevent dam­age to the o-ring fittings. The inner core water chamber seats into the syringe and eliminates water contamination in the air chamber. Crystal Tip Air Water Syringes are available in bags of 250 single- or multicolored syringes, while the Mega pack holds 3,000 syringes. Eliminate sterilization headaches with disposable Crystal Tip Air Water Syringes.
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Temp Tabs
All Dental PRODX

Photo credit: Dentistry by Greg Gallant, DMD, West Caldwell, NJ

A large proportion of the population seems to be under increased stress these days. Given the economy, jobs, and financial markets, this is not at all surprising. There are daily complaints of grinding, headaches, and temporomandibular joint soreness. Patient reports of discomfort due to bruxism require relief, immediate if possible. One of the traditional therapies, well known to the dental profession, is the nightguard, a custom passive appliance that is worn overnight (or during the day) that keeps the upper and lower teeth apart and absorbs both the parafunctional stresses and the wear of grinding. The nightguard is laboratory-fabricated from impressions and interocclusal relationships and takes one to 2 weeks to deliver to the patient. All Dental PRODX has introduced Temp Tabs, a product that is used in this application as a thermoplastic bruxism guard that is fabricated chairside by the dentist or the auxiliary. The custom-fitted appliance is biocompatible and low cost; most importantly, it can be ready for im­me­di­ate use in a matter of a few mo­ments. The Temp Tabs are simply heated in a hot water bath. The softened thermoplastic tab is then in-serted in between the anterior teeth where the patient functionally molds the interocclusal pattern as the material cools and hardens in the mouth. The Temp Tabs bruxism guard is ready within seconds and can be trimmed with a slow-speed handpiece if necessary. It can be reformed as re­quired. The process is an easy and inexpensive demonstration for patients who are reluctant to accept traditional nightguard therapy and can be used to "train" patients for lab-prepared bruxism appliances. The chairside bruxism guard is an easy-to-make device using the Temp Tabs. Temp Tabs are now available in True Blue color for night use and in new Natural dentition color for daytime wear.
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Dr. Freedman is a founder and past president of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, a co-founder of the Canadian Academy for Esthetic Dentistry, and a Diplomate of the American Board of Aesthetic Dentistry. He is a visiting professor at the Universita di Firenze, Florence, Italy. He is the special advisor of First Impressions and Buyers' Guides for Dentistry Today. He is the author or co-author of 11 textbooks, more than 600 dental articles, and numerous webinars and CDs, and is a team member of REALITY. He lectures internationally on dental aesthetics, adhesion, desensitization, composites, impression materials, and porcelain veneers. A graduate of McGill University in Montreal, Dr. Freedman maintains a private practice limited to aesthetic dentistry in Toronto. He can be reached at (905) 513-9191 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .