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Protective Effect of Trimetaphosphate in Oral Rinse

An in vitro study assessed the effect of mouthrinses containing 100-µg/mL fluoride and sodium trimetaphosphate (TMP) on enamel erosion. The study, conducted by MM Manarelli et al, had subjected bovine enamel blocks to erosive challenges for 5 minutes 4 times a day, followed by 30-second treatments with solutions of a placebo; 225 µg fluoride (F)/mL; 100 µg F/mL; 100 µg F/mL and TMP (0.2%, 0.4%, and 0.6%), and storage in artificial saliva, for the duration of 5 days. The study found that the TMP groups showed lower enamel wear than fluoride-only and placebo groups (P < .05). The study concludes that the addition of TMP at a TMP: sodium fluoride molar proportion between 1.24:1 and 3.72:1 to a solution containing 100 µg F/mL presented a greater protective effect under erosive conditions than a solution containing 225 µg F/ml, in the absence of TMP.
(Source: Caries Research. 2011, Volume 45, Number 6)

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