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Peripheral Nerve Repair Study Completed

Integra LifeSciences Holdings announced that the results of the Neu­raGen Nerve Guide clinical trail been accepted and an abstract will be presented at the January 2011 joint meeting of the Amer­ican Associ­ation for Hand Surgery, American So­ciety for Re­con­structive Mi­crosurgery, and American Society for Peri­pheral Nerve. This was a controlled, randomized, blind, parallel group, multicenter study of peripheral nerve re­pair comparing the Neu­raGen Nerve Guide to direct suture in patients who had complete traumatic nerve injuries to the median and/or ulnar nerves. Thirty-two pa­tients completed the 2-year postoperative follow-up period, during which they were routinely examined for sensory and motor electrophysiological func­tion, post-op pain ass­­ess­­ments, and overall hand-function. Re­sults exhibited pa­tients who received the Neu­raGen Nerve Guide (a highly-purified, type 1 collagen conduit used in peripheral nerve repair) had lower post-op pain than those treated with direct suture repair. The overall study conclusion was that entubulation nerve repair using the Neu­raGen Nerve Guide is as effective a method of joining severed nerves as direct microsurgical suture or short gap graft re­pair. This showed that  the  NeuraGen Nerve Guide repair is a realistic alternative to conventional end-to-end or graft repair.
(Source: Vision-Sciences, Globe Newswire, October 7, 2010)

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