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Temp-Bond is a temporary cement for trial cementing restorations or cementing temporary crowns and bridges. Temp-Bond and Temp-Bond NE are available in automix syringe, tube delivery, and Uni­dose. Temp-Bond withstands mastication while sealing the restoration and preventing seepage, yet it affords easy removal when desired. Temp-Bond NE is a noneugenol temporary ce­ment that will not inhibit the polymerization of permanent resin cements and acrylic temporaries. Resin-based Temp-Bond Clear with Triclo­san is the most translucent provisional cement on the market, ensuring superior aesthetics. For more information, call (877) KERR-123 or visit

Parameters of Product: Temporary Cements
How is cement mixed? Automix, pad mix (Temp-Bond, Temp-Bond NE)
Eugenol-free formula? Yes (Temp-Bond NE), no for others
Offers more than one provisional cement formula? Yes
Desensitizing material in the formulation? No
Working time? 4.25 minutes; 3.5 minutes (Temp-Bond Clear)
Complete setting time intraorally? 3 minutes (Temp-Bond); 3.333 minutes (Temp-Bond NE); 3.5 minutes (Temp-Bond Clear)
Minimum film thickness 5.08 µm; 15.24 µm (Temp-Bond Clear)
More than one color available? No
Radiopacity N/A
Compressive strength 13.5 MPa (Temp-Bond); 7.4 MPa (Temp-Bond NE); N/A (Temp-Bond Clear)

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