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The Stabilok Pin is designed to achieve 2 criteria: self-shearing with maximum reliability and insertion with maximum ease. The wide-pitch thread provides excellent retention for the pins, which are available in either the purest commercially available titanium or stainless steel. The pins and drills are dispensed from the box through apertures, which can be set to either open or closed. For more information, call (800) 233-2305.

Parameters of Product: Pins Buyer's Guide
Pin materials Titanium or stainless steel
Surface coating None
Design Threaded
Head shape Continuous with body
Size-matched drills and accessories? Yes
Drill instruments Slow-speed handpiece, reduced-ratio handpiece
Placement Slow-speed handpiece, reduced-ratio handpiece
Pin depth Self-limiting (shearing)
Sizes available (number) 0.6, 0.76mm
Lengths available 4.5mm
How are the pins packaged? Kit
No. of pins per kit 20, 100
No. of pins per refill N/A

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