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The C-I White Glass Fiber Posts are composed of braided fiberglass and epoxy resin for enhanced strength, stiffness, and durability. Posts feature enhanced radiopacity for easy detection on x-ray images and a cervical bulge that reinforces the post and resists marginal opening due to flexing. Available in both fine and medium, each post is manufactured to a precise 2.6° taper for safe placement with maximum post length and reduced risk of root perforation. For more information, call (800) 243-7446 or visit

Parameters of Product: Fiber Posts Buyer's Guide
Material Glass fiber
Color White
Light transmitting? No
Design Passive
Shape Tapered
Recommended adhesive Fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh generations
Recommended cement Adhesive
Recommended core build-up material Resin, compomer
Bond strength to adhesive/cement in MPa N/A
Available lengths 13.3, 15 mm
Available widths Fine tapered 1 to 1.36 mm, medium tapered 1.2 to 1.62 mm
Are the components size-matched? Yes
Are the posts matched to endo file shapes and sizes? No
How are posts packaged? Kit, refills

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