Magnified Video Dentistry

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Magnified Video Dentistry

Created by a dentist who was frustrated with all of the so-called ergonomic stools on the market, the Health Chair's patented, fully adjustable armrest, adjustable height, and dual upper and lower back supports adjust to the unique contour of your body. For more information, call (877) 556-6587 or visit

Parameters of Product: Stools Buyers Guide
Seat style Dual armrest, dual back support ergonomic stool
Seat tilt zero degrees
Backrest style Fully adjustable upper back and lower lumbar featuring quick set technology.
Lumbar support/backrest support includes both. Fully adjustable to fit the user
Upholstery options UltraLeather
Foot rest No
Height adjustment range 16” to 23”
Other features Fully adjustable arm rest, seat height adjustments, adjustable upper and lower back rest conform to your body.
Length of warranty 1 year

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