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GC Fuji TRIAGE seals and protects tooth enamel. This revolutionary glass ionomer and surface protectant requires no isolation or bonding agent and works in a moist field. It provides 6 times more fluoride than any other sealant. It is available in white for fully erupted teeth and pink for newly erupted molars. You can start your young patients off right the right way with GC Fuji TRI-AGE. For more information, call (800) 323-7063 or visit gcamerica.com.

Parameters of Product: Sealants Buyer's Guide
Contents of kit GC Fuji TRIAGEĀ® Starter Kit Contains: 50 capsules (Powder 0.30 g, Liquid 0.15g/0.12mL per capsule). One GC Fuji CAPSULE APPLIER, One CAVITY CONDITIONER, and one GC Fuji COATā„¢ LC.
Composition of sealant Glass Ionomer, moisture friendly, works in a wet environment
Cure type Self-cure
Fluoride release? Yes
Application technique 1. Clean the tooth with a cotton pellet soaked with CAVITY CONDITIONER 2. Rinse 3. DO NOT DESSICATE- Dry by blotting with a cotton pellet or a gentle stream of air with an air syringe 4. SURFACE MUST BE MOIST- Best results are obtained when the surface
Color Pink & White

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