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Embrace WetBond Pit and Fissure Sealant bonds to the moist tooth and integrates with tooth structure, creating a strong, margin-free bond that virtually eliminates microleakage. After curing, clinicians report they cannot find the margin with an explorer. Long-term clinical studies show unsurpassed results. There is no chipping or staining. It contains no Bis-GMA and no bisphenol A. It is available in convenient syringes in natural and off-white shades. For more information, call (800) 343-4342 or visit www.pulpdent.com.

Parameters of Product: Sealants Buyer's Guide
Contents of kit 4 x 1.5ml syringes
Composition of sealant Embrace "Wetbond" Technology
Cure type Light cure
Fluoride release? Yes
Application technique 1-Etch 2-Rinse 3-Remove excess moisture 4-place Embrace P&F 5-Light cure
Color Opaque white, natural

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