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GC TEMP ADVANTAGE, a eugenol-free zinc oxide temporary cement that contains fluoride, potassium nitrate, and chlorhexidine. It is used to retain provisional restorations for approximately 30 days while providing an excellent seal and maintaining low sensitivity to the patient. With its paste-paste automix syringe delivery system, GC TEMP AD­VANTAGE is extremely easy to use, with minimal waste. Its smooth consistency, low film thickness, and quality make seating the restoration and clean- up simple. There's no sensitivity, no mixing, and no mess. For more information, call (800) 323-7063 or visit gcamerica.com.

Parameters of Product: Temporary Cements
How is cement mixed? Automix, hand mixed
Eugenol-free formula? Yes
Offers more than one provisional cement formula? Yes
Desensitizing material in the formulation? Yes, potassium nitrate
Working time? 2 minutes
Complete setting time intraorally? 2 minutes
Minimum film thickness 15 µm
More than one color available? No
Radiopacity N/A
Compressive strength 10 to 12 MPa

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