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Carestream Dental

For more than 30 years, OrthoTrac practice man­agement software has of­fered innovative features that are easy for orthodontists to understand and implement. Today, Carestream Dental carries on this proud tradition by introducing CS OrthoTrac Cloud. Built on the same proven platform that orthodontists have come to know and trust, CS OrthoTrac Cloud eliminates many of the costs and hassles associated with maintaining an infrastructure on site by storing information on Carestream Dental’s cloud-based server. For more information, call (800) 275-4637 or visit

Parameters of Product: Practice Management Software Buyers Guide
Number of installations 9,500
First dental installation (year) 1983
Operating systems Windows
Lease-buy program? Yes
Dedicated server or peer-to-peer networked Both
Number of workstations 75
Back-up method(s) Any backup method works
Small or large provider offices All practices
Toll-free support number provided? Yes
Period of support provided Many options available

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