OCO Biomedical - I-Mini

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OCO Biomedical - I-Mini

The I-Mini is the preferred smaller-diameter solution when bone ridge quality is not optimal. The first one-piece, 3-mm mini introduced to the United States, it is also the only mini implant with a bull-nose auger tip designed to lock into bone. Ideal for denture stabilization and crown and bridge applications, the I-Mini has had a success rate of more than 99% for almost a decade. For more information, visit www.ocobiomedical.com.

Parameters of Product: Small-Diameter Implants Buyers Guide
Type of surface treatment? Machined, textured, acid-etched
Shape Tapered
Size of diameter 3.0mm
Length of implant 10, 12, 14, and 16mm
Prosthesis used Fixed and Removable
Type of connection available O-Ball/Cap and O-Ring
Type of removable fixtures O-Ball
Type of fixed abutments O-Ball and Crown and Bridge
Impression copings Impression Pickup, analog, and acrylic copings available

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