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S-Max pico is an innovative, high-speed, air-driven handpiece with an ultra minihead and superslim stainless steel body that is excellent for pediatric cases and any case where molar access is difficult. The handpiece is designed to be used with short-shank burs to maximize durability and cutting efficiency. Its design in­cludes water spray and cellular glass optics and delivers greater operational visibility and flexibility with increased patient comfort. For more information, call (888) 675-1675 or visit nskdental.us.

Parameters of Product: Air-Driven Buyers Guide
Type of bur chucking Push-button
Method of turbine repair In-office self repair
Autoclavable or chemiclavable? Autoclavable
Maximum autoclave temperature permissible? 135°F
Cleansing chemicals corrosive to handpiece parts? No
Head size Mini
Drive air pressure (psi) 40
How is the handpiece lubricated? Spray, automated
Country of manufacture Japan
Number of ports for chip air/water delivery 1 for both
Available with fiber optics? Yes
Light intensity of fiber optics 32,000 lux
360° swivel? Yes
Quick disconnect? Yes

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