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Technology 4Medicine

The new 1064XLASE 10W perio and soft-tissue dental laser utilizes the exact same wavelength as the proven Nd:YAG, making it effective for periodontal treatment. Micro-second pulsing makes it the fastest and cleanest-cutting diode laser. A high-powered laser, it is truly portable and provides battery operation that lasts for 2 to 3 weeks. For more information, call (949) 276-6650 or visit

Parameters of Product: Diode Lasers Buyer's Guide
Type of procedure(s) Soft-tissue procedures, hygiene
Lasing medium InGaAsP 1064 semiconductor
Lifetime of lasing medium (hours) 60,000 hours
Wavelength(s) 1,064 nm
Emission mode(s) Continuous, pulse (micro- and millisecond)
Controllable power range (W) 100MW to 10W
Delivery system Strippable fiber optic, disposable tips
Additional features Presets, touchscreen operation
Fiber diameter 200 to 500 ┬Ám
Sterilization method Autoclave
Electrical power requirements 120V, battery-operated
Training with purchase Yes
Length of parts warranty 24 months
Length of labor warranty 24 months

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