Microsurgery Instruments

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Microsurgery Instruments

These high-quality precision loupes are available in wide-field prismatic from 2.5x to 11x or Galilean expanded wide-field loupes in 2.5x magnification. The surgical loupes come in working distances of 14, 16, 18, 20, and 22 in. The 2.5x Galilean expanded wide-field loupes are designed with a zoom lens ability, which allows you to adjust a comfortable working distance of your own from 10 to 23 in. For more information, call (713) 664-4707.

Parameters of Product: Front Loupes Buyers Guide
Magnification powers available (range) Galilean 2.5x; Prismatic 2.5x to 7x, 8x, 11x
Optimum angle of declination (in degrees) 60
Used with Rx lenses? Yes
Side debris protection? Yes
Type of nose pads Soft silicone
Adjusted for low, average, and high noses? Yes
Methods for infection control Disinfectant
Can magnification loupes be wiped with liquid? Yes
Are the magnification loupes dust resistant? No
Supplemental light delivery Headband mounted, LED, fiber- optic light
Are there supplemental laser protection lenses? No
Type of coatings Single layer
Lenses scratch resistant? No
“Try-before-you-buy” option? No
Warranty 2 years

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