XDR Radiology

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XDR Radiology

The XDR Anatomic Sensor is uniquely designed by dentists. Its maximized mesial imaging area helps you capture challenging canine-premolar contacts, while rounded and beveled corners broaden the contact zone for increased patient comfort. In synergy with XDR Software, you’ll see both the subtlest of lesions and the tip of your No. 6 file. For more information, call (888) 937-3485 or visit xdrradiology.com.

Parameters of Product: Intraoral System Buyer's Guide
Number of installations 5,000
Operating system Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, XP, Vista, 7, Mac
Bridges to major dental software systems? Yes
Recommended exposures for intraoral image 60 to 70 KVP, 50 to 200 msec
System parameters: direct or indirect to computer? Direct
Sensor chip material CMOS
Sensor resolution (lp/mm) 20
Sensor attachment to base Direct
Sensor connection USB
Time from exposure to image on screen 2 to 3 seconds
Image size on computer 0.7 to 1 MB
DICOM compliant? Yes
Warranty period Sensors 24 months Hardware and sensors 24 months; software unlimited
Software support Toll-free phone, regular phone, Internet

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