DENTSPLY Professional

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DENTSPLY Professional

The MIDWEST STYLUS ATC handpiece features Speed-Sensing Intelligence and Su­perior Turbine Suspension, technologies that solve 2 longstanding challenges facing dentists: (1) load-based variations in speed that can cause stalling and (2) bur deflection and chattering that occur at high speeds and can affect accuracy and precision. For more information, call (800) 989-8825 or visit the Web site

Parameters of Product: Air-Driven Buyers Guide
Type of bur chucking Friction grip, push-button
Method of turbine repair Return to manufacturer
Autoclavable or chemiclavable? Autoclavable
Maximum autoclave temperature permissible? 135°C
Cleansing chemicals corrosive to handpiece parts? Yes
Head size Mini, Small
Drive air pressure (psi) 65
How is the handpiece lubricated? Spray, oil, drops, automated
Country of manufacture United States
Number of ports for chip air/water delivery Chip air: 1; water: 1 to 4
Available with fiber optics? Yes
Light intensity of fiber optics Max 25,000 lux
360° swivel? Yes
Quick disconnect? Yes

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