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Preferred by dentists worldwide, the portable AseptiChair supports loads up to 500 lbs (227 kg). The backrest is adjustable from fully upright to supine, with 5 convenient height positions. The headrest cushion, armrest slings, and padded carrying case are included accessories for the chair. Setup and storage of the ADC-01 is performed in seconds. For more information, call (866) 244-2954 or visit the Web site

Parameters of Product: Chairs Buyers Guide
Flexible options Armrest
Integrated instruments None
Moves front to back?/Distance No
Total footprint 11.2 cu ft
Fixed to the floor or movable Movable
Right to left convertible? Yes
Fingertip or body controls N/A
Headrest? Fixed or removable? Yes, fixed
Neck support? Fixed or removable? No
Range of lift height 11 in to 22 in
Back tilt 180°
Front rise 90°
Total length at max extension 72 in
Designed to maximize infection control? Yes
Available materials Naugahyde
How long is the warranty? Extended warranty option? 1 year parts and labor, no extended warranty

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