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Zirconia is increasing in popularity as a crown restorative material due to its superior strength and excellent aesthetics. Until now, cutting, trimming, or adjusting sintered zirconia has been unpredictable and time-consuming. Now, Predator Zirconia provides maximum cutting efficiency and easy access through the tough zirconia for endodontic treatment and crown removal. For more information, visit

Parameters of Product: Diamond Burs Buyers Guide
Disposable or resuable/ sterilizable Resuable/sterilizable
Packaging 5-pack, 25-pack, sterile
ISO 9001 certification? Yes
Diamond type Friction grip: standard length, short shank, surgical length
Available grits Supercoarse, coarse, medium, fine, extrafine
Composite finishing?; If yes, grit size? Yes, fine, extrafine
Type of shank bonding Double-layer
Crown and bridge and/or operative? Crown and bridge, operative
How sold to dentist? Dealer

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