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These burs are manufactured in the United States using a concentric, stainless steel shank and a centerless ground that delivers minimal runout, reĀ­sulting in maximum stability at high speeds. Less heat and clogging result from the use of natural diamonds that are uniform in size, precisely distributed, and placed at the optimal cutting angle. The burs reduce chair time through effective speed of cut in preparation of restorations. A smooth axial wall with one instrument is the result of the Spring Turbo Diamonds saving chair time. For more information, call (800) 800-1680 or visit the Web site springhealthproducts.com.

Parameters of Product: Diamond Burs Buyers Guide
Disposable or resuable/ sterilizable Disposable
Packaging 5-pack, 10-pack, 25-pack
ISO 9001 certification? Yes
Diamond type Friction grip: standard length
Available grits Supercoarse, coarse, medium, fine, extrafine
Composite finishing?; If yes, grit size? Yes, fine, extrafine
Type of shank bonding Double-layer
Crown and bridge and/or operative? Operative
How sold to dentist? Dealer

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