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RefleXions XLS Dentin shades are light-cured, low-shrinking nanohybrid composites. The nanohybrid formulation resembles true dentin and is the perfect biomimetic dentin replacement material. The opaque characteristic provides ideal replacement for lost dentin structure, and the low-shrink properties minimize postoperative sensitivity. It is part of the RefleXions Universal Aesthetic Composite System, consisting of dentin and enamel shades that together allow the practitioner to replicate the full spectrum of color using the dentin-enamel layering technique. For more information, call (800) 247-3368 or visit

Parameters of Product: Nanohybrid Composites Buyers Guide
Filler percentage %Filler Load (Weight / Volume): 88 / 76
Particle size Primary Filler: 5 µm, Secondary Filler: .04 µm
Type of shades available XLS Dentin Light, XLS Dentin Medium, XLS Dentin Dark
Bond strength SBS 33.2 +/- 5.1
Hardness Barcol Hardness: 83 Top, 42 Bottom (L/C 20 sec)
Percentage of shrinkage 1.39%
Method used for dispensing Syringe & Unit-Dose
Light-cure or Dual-cure Yes
Curing time 20 seconds (XLS Dentin Dark 40 seconds)

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