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TempoLok Automix NE cement is an automixing, noneugenol zinc oxide temporary cement. Stern­gold now offers the temporary cement with a syringe automixing delivery system. Simultaneous and accurate dispensing is assured due to the innovative design of the double-syringe dispenser. It flows easily, and thus allows a precise placing of the temporary. Resistant to saliva and stable in the mouth, it withstands the stress of mastication but allows an easy removal of the temporary. For more information, call (800) 243-9942.

Parameters of Product: Temporary Cements
How is cement mixed? Automix
Eugenol-free formula? Yes
Offers more than one provisional cement formula? Yes, cartridge and/or syringe delivery system
Desensitizing material in the formulation? Yes
Working time? 1 minute
Complete setting time intraorally? 2 to 3 minutes
Minimum film thickness Less than 10 µm
More than one color available? No
Radiopacity Greater than 200%
Compressive strength 8 MPa

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